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The Connection Unit is an optional system component of the Sunny Tripower TL-US production series and includes Combiner Box and disconnect functionality in one convenient enclosure. Its integrated reverse polarity indicator supports safe installation.

The Connection Unit is a String-Combiner to which up to eight strings can be connected.

In the Connection Unit the PV array strings are combined and routed into the inverter via cables. The
integrated fuse holders are designed to be used with string fuses for overcurrent protection. The Connection Unit is equipped with a DC switch-disconnector and therefore serves as a DC disconnection unit.

The Connection Unit is equipped with a DC switch-disconnector. The DC switch-disconnector enables
disconnection of the inverter from the PV array. The disconnection takes place at all poles.

The Connection Unit is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
The Connection Unit must only be used in ungrounded PV systems. Do not use grounded PV modules
with the Connection Unit. Only ground the mounting frame of the PV modules.
All DC inputs of an ungrounded PV system must be equipped with an overcurrent protection
according to the National Electrical Code® NEC 690. The Connection Unit shall be installed per the
requirements contained in Section690.35 of the National Electrical Code®, ANSI/NFPA 70. The
Connection Unit must only be used with the following transformerless SMA inverters:
• SB 6000TLUS-12 / 7000TLUS-12 / 8000TLUS-12 / 9000TLUS-12 / 10000TLUS-12 / 11000TLUS-12
• STP 12000TL-US-10 / 15000TL-US-10 / 20000TL-US-10 / 24000TL-US-10

SMA Sunny Tripower STP DC Connection Unit - Combiner Box with DC Disconnect, CU